About Us

Wills Stucco in Orlando, FL

Stucco & Plaster Specialists

Since 1972, Wills Stucco has been completing new stucco construction projects as well as stucco repairs for homeowners and businesses. Interior plaster repair is also a specialty service we feel is in high-demand for homes where the repair must be top-notch. In recent years these homes have also been found to need chimney repair from cracking and water damage. With chimneys being relatively rare in central Florida, this makes Wills Stucco stand out as not only can we make these repairs, we are exceptional at it.

Chimney Repair

Chimney’s, still found in homes in Central, FL., can experience cracking and leaks. Since chimneys are relatively rare, it can be difficult to find a professional to properly repairs. Wills Stucco focuses on chimney stucco repair and waterproofing as a key service.

Stucco Repair

Cracks in stucco exterior plague many homes built in our area. This along with chips can cause the exterior of your home to look unsightly. But no worries, we can provide an effective long lasting repair. You don’t have to put up with damaged stucco any longer!

Interior Plaster

Plaster repair is needed for a variety of reasons. It can often be water damage repair, remodeling, plumbing or electrical alterations and repairs before painting. We are confident we can match any interior plaster with the final product being the best possible.